Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Go to Vacation in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city that has earned a reputation mostly for its towering skyscrapers and gigantic shopping malls. Beyond that, the “Pearl of the Orient” has plenty in its what-else category including lively celebrations and festivities that attracts many visitors from all over the world. On that note, we’ll be taking a look at five reasons which justify spending your next vacation in magical Hong Kong. 

1) An interesting pot of multicultural experiences
Born out of the influence of colonial forces, present-day Hong Kong offers a nice blend of eastern and western cultures. The native heritage is a fusion of various backgrounds ensuring you can be siping away a latte from the comforts of a skyscraper café one day and be praying for luck in a Buddha temple the very next. Many of the locals can speak English just as well as they can Cantonese which further emphasizes this diversity.

2) A tasty cuisine with plenty to offer
That diversity further spills over to the cuisine which encompasses native delicacies and dishes originating from other countries. Many regard the city as Asia’s culinary capital courtesy of its role in memorable and internationally-acclaimed foods such as the dim sum which has found its way into festive traditions as far away as the US. It also provides residence to a number of western restaurants while also featuring various foods from Thailand, India, Korea, Japan, and even Africa.

3) Shopping galore
Muslims turn to the city of Mecca for the most significant religious event in their calendar while shopping enthusiasts similarly look to Hong Kong for shopping central. Its billing as a shopper’s paradise is actually on the money with the city offering everything from traditional stores and buzzing street markets to fashionable boutiques and grandiose malls. Whether its electronic goods, ornaments, cosmetics, statement clothes or watches, most of the industry’s pacesetters can be traced back to this thriving cosmopolitan.

4) Gorgeous skylines and harbor views
The skyscraper city, as many visitors have come to christen it, offers a futuristic setting that seems straight out of those robotic sci-fi movies. You are greeted by one towering architectural marvel after the other as you walk down pleasingly organized streets with vibrant cafés and eccentric clubs. Victoria Peak offers a great place to take in the overwhelming beauty of modernity all around you as does a ride on the Star Ferry which provides scenic trips strutting lovely urban centers. 

5) An abundance of family fun
For a close up look at Mickey Mouse and his Disney pals, the Hong Kong Disneyland is the place to be. It’s a great place not only for the kids but for adults as well with the park availing exhilarating rides to thrill both the young and old alike. The Ocean Park Hong Kong theme park is also a nice alternative presenting plenty of underwater life for you and the children to appreciate. After a day of exhaustive fun, you can cap it off beautifully with a sensual Hong Kong massage at a streetside parlor. In fact, for many travelers, experiencing the pleasures of the latter is the main agenda of their trip so be sure not to miss out.

There are more than 57 million square miles of land in the world but the 0.4 square miles that make up the city of Hong Kong city are unlike any other on the planet. A trip there is one that you’ll remember for a lifetime.