3 Best Croatian Summer Cities

Croatia, as a country, is normally flocked by thousands of tourists during summer. It’s a top tourist destination thanks to the charming culture of the locals, stunning beaches, warm sunny environment, and the vibrant nightlife among others. Even though this country has numerous tourist destinations, the 3 best Croatian summer cities are:

1. Split

It’s one of the top summer destinations in Croatia. Split, a coastal city, is found along the Dalmatian Coast. This is a destination that’s rich in history as well as beautiful beaches. Its association with the Roman Heritage has significantly enhanced its attractiveness.

The best of Split include Diocletian’s Palace, a massive UNESCO World Heritage Site which is located in Old Town. Note that Old Town is filled with beautiful lanes and streets. The diverse restaurants and cafes in Old Town are some of the highlights of this place.

Split has the best artistic and cultural events which are normally held throughout the summer season. Apart from that, the lakes, caves, and waterfalls which are found in Plitvice Lakes National Park are some of the attractions that you can explore. Overall, Split features an infusion of historic buildings, nature, and modern forms of entertainment. If you are keen on holidaying here frequently, then you can even purchase a holiday home. You can’t miss a good house for sale that suits your needs. 

2. Dubrovnik

It’s considered as the Adriatic’s pearl. This is an old city which is situated in South Croatia. Dubrovnik is one of the top summer cities in Croatia thanks to its numerous attractions. First, it’s surrounded by ancient massive stone walls. Secondly, it’s encircled by the Adriatic Sea which offers eye-catching stunning views and numerous water activities.

The rich culture and history from the natives as well as ancient buildings make this city a refreshing destination to visit. Whether you are a first time or a frequent visitor, touring Dubrovnik in summer will always be awe-inspiring. The beauty of this town which features museums, churches, Elaphiti Islands, and monasteries offers an enriching experience. 

Some of the places which you can visit include Cavtat town which has stunning beaches, Mljet Island which features a National Park, and the Konavle Valley which is dotted by traditional hamlets, vineyards, and farms.

3. Zagreb

This is the perfect city for a short summer break. Visiting Zagreb gives you an opportunity to see and feel both local and exotic things. It normally provides tourists with a memorable experience thanks to the numerous beautiful sites and a broad range of restaurants.

What makes Zagreb one of the top summer cities to visit in Croatia is its access. First, it’s well connected to other European countries and it’s not far away from them. All of these make it the perfect gateway for a short city break. Besides that, moving within this city is made convenient with the availability of several modes of transport. You can take a flight, use a bus, or a train.

In Zagreb, you can take a walk in the Main Square, Lower or Upper Town. Take a look at the exhibitions found in the numerous art galleries or learn about ancient history by visiting the local museums. Note that the nightlife in this city is so vibrant. From dusk to down, you can groove all night long while sampling different bars and lounges.